Learning approach

Each module of the Leap programme includes:
Bite-sized animations and video
Bite-sized animations and video.
 diversity and inclusion programme in New Zealand and Australia
2-3 hour face-to-
face workshop.
Leader guide to facilitate team conversation.
Leader guide to facilitate team conversation.
Reinforcement programme powered by Axonify. New Zealand and Australia
Reinforcement programme powered by Axonify.
The Leap Modules

Growing diversity & inclusion

This module investigates the difference between diversity & inclusion and why they are important. You will explore the benefits and challenges of a diverse workforce and how inclusive practices can optimise the benefits of different world views, experiences and ways of thinking.

Recognising unconscious bias

This module investigates the science of unconscious bias and how it shows up in our everyday lives. We will also explore strategies to manage your unconscious bias and how you can hold each other accountable within your teams.

Building cultural intelligence

Cultural intelligence is the ability to work effectively and relate well with people from different cultures in different cultural situations. This module allows you to explore your own cultural identity and those of others, and the things that people who relate well to people from different cultures do.

Becoming an inclusive leader

To get the best out of your people as a leader, you need to build an inclusive culture across your team and remove barriers to participation. This module allows you to build an awareness of your own assumptions, biases and preferences and to recognise how your own behaviours impact your team members’ behaviours. You will also identify strategies and tactics that you can then put into action with your team.

Having courageous conversations

This module allows you to create a structured approach to conversations and feedback which focuses on asking questions and can be applied when working in a multicultural environment. This will enable you to effectively present your views and give feedback constructively, minimising confrontations and/or misunderstandings as a result of cultural differences.